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Sinoarc Coating Service and Process Training Program

By our extensive knowledge, we can determine the right coating Process to meet your needs.Improving your components with our surface technologies is a simplpe way to get top quality coating.

Our training Program reduce operating costs, increase productivity, and give your company a competitive process. As your business is unique, training, technical support, and application development services is designed.

several target we can coat (some special are not listed below):

Material Surface hardness friction coefficient Highist Temperature color applications
TiN 2,300 0.4 600 gold-yellow

cutting tool
injection mould
piston ring
medical apparatus and instruments

AlCrN 3,200 0.35 1,100 blue-grey

end mill
Rolling mill
Aluminium die casting

TiAlN + AlCrN-based 3,300 0.35 - 0.40 >1,100 blue-grey

On solid carbide end mills for roughing and finishing
Machining of hardened steels (>60 HRC)
High speed cutting (HSC)
Cutting of difficult-to-machine materials

TiCN 3,000 0.4 400 blue-grey milling, punching and forming with high mechanical loads
working with interrupted cutting
punching and forming of ferrite and austenitic steels
plastic injection moulding
CrN + a-C:H:W 1,000 / 1,500 0.1 – 0.2 300 anthracite For components made of soft base materials (titanium, nonferrous metal alloys, stainless steels)
For high surface pressures
Plain bearings

WC/C (a-C:H:W) 1,500 / 1,000 0.1 - 0.2 300 anthracite punching and forming (low-lubricant or dry working)
plastic injection moulding (dry running of movable tool components)
gears and ball bearings with high surface pressure levels
precision components of highly stressed combustion engines
systems without lubrication (clean room or foodstuffs technology)
fluid technology components

CrN 1,750 0.5 700 silver-grey valve gear components
piston rings
hydraulic pistons
components of textile machines
components for food processing machines

CrN 1,750 0.5 700 silver-grey bio-compatible and foodstuff-neutral
medical tools
plastic injection moulding
mirror polished moulds

CrN 1,750 0.5 700 silver-grey machining of copper 
semi-cold forming of steel and brass
metal die casting
plastic injection moulding (plastics that, during processing, outgas chlorine, fluorine or other aggressive volatile contents)
mechanical engineering (housings, shafts)
titanium components in motor sport and in the aviation industry

CrN + a-C:H > 2,000 0.1 - 0.2 350 black Engine components (fuel injection systems, valve train components, piston assembly parts, etc.)
For soft base materials (titanium, aluminium, copper alloys, stainless steel)
Pumps and compressors (pistons, cylinders, valves, shaft feed-throughs, etc.)
Textile machines
For components exposed to high mechanical loads

TiAlN 3,300 0.30 - 0.35 900 violet-grey HSS and carbide tools exposed to high thermal stresses (drilling, turning, dry machining, HSC)
plastic injection moulding (moulds with textured surfaces, processing of melts with fibreglass reinforcement)
combustion engine components

TiAlN 3,300 0.25 900 violet-grey HSS and carbide tools exposed to high thermal stresses
(drilling to depths > 3D, turning, dry machining, HSC)

TiAlN + WC/C (a-C:H:W) 3,000> 0.15 - 0.20 800 dark grey tapping and drilling in difficult to machine materials
MQL (minimum quantity lubrication) or dry machining
punching and forming (protection against cold welding)

AlCr-based 3,000 0.25 1,100 copper HSS and solid carbide twist drills with internal or external cooling
in all common steel and cast iron qualities
deep-hole drilling with twist drills
TiAlN 3,400 0.30 - 0.35 900 violet-grey plastic injection moulding (moulds with textured surfaces, processing of fibreglass-reinforced plastics)
moulds for plastics processing made of steels with low hardness (> 40 HRC)
sheet metal forming of high strength materials
die casting

TiAlN 3,300 0.30 - 0.35> 900 violet-grey machining of very small parts and structures (e.g. watchmaking and electronics industries, medical equipment, mould-making)
AlTiN 3,30h0 0.4 900 blue-grey machining of materials that are difficult to work (titanium alloys, Inconel)
hard machining > 52 HRC
TiCrN 2,100 0.5 700 dark grey tools for demanding sheet metal forming