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pvdUpgrade Your Machine

Sinoarc Epeius? equipment are flexible and hybrid, several technologies can be combined in one machine. In order to keep ahead of your competition, it is always possible to upgrade your machine with new technology.

pvdCompetitive Price

We not only give our machine a competitive price but also our maitain fee.As matter of fact,Through our training program,you may maintain your machine by your own.

pvdLong Term Warrenty

We offer a long term warrenty so if any probrom was occur,you may get a solution for free.

Fast as we can

As everyone knows,time is money.thus we make our product and servive more efficience.

  • 3 months Delivery Period
  • Fast Installation
  • Short Coating Cycle Time
  • Fast Respound To Problem

Epeius 2000 PVD equipment

tools coating

--Flexible Chamber

Epeius 2000? is designed exclusively for Tools coating. The chamber available for customized provides a large size selection.we can make chamber even bigger than you thought so you may finish more work in an one batch. The Maitaince is easy because the shields is easy to change.In Epeius 2000? ,all technologies can be hybride in one chamber.A group of turbo pump for higher demand creates a strictly environment to ensure a flawless finish, free of imperfections. We also provide deffusion pump as another choice.

drill coating--DLC Coating Supported

A longer lifespan is an important reason for coating precision tools. However, there are also advantages to be gained from the low coefficient of friction and non-sticking properties of a coating. Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coatings started around 1995 when automotive components in diesel injection systems were coated in order to reduce friction in the engine, thus lowering fuel consumption. Sinoarc joined these developments from the early stages and still supplies the leading technology in this field. This extensive knowledge of DLC coatings and their specific applications is now also available to tool manufacturers typically for faucets, drills, end mills, saw blades, moulds and dies.


--Priority Technology

? High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering (HIPIMS) has given a third dimension to PVD coating technology. HIPIMS technology shows that it is possible to combine the advantages of high ionization like arc evaporation with the advantages of magnetron sputtering. The result is good adhesion and a dense, very smooth coating.

? Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering (UBM) is a PVD coating technology that uses extra magnetic coils to intensify the plasma close to the product. The result is a more dense sputtered coating. Because more energy is involved in unbalanced magnetron sputtering, the temperatures during process are higher

? Closed Field Magnetron Sputtering(CFMS) uses magnetic fields in such a way that the plasma is caged in. Less target material is lost to the chamber walls and the plasma moves closer to the substrate. The result is a dense sputtered coating, while the walls of the vacuum chamber remain relatively clean

? Dual Magnetron Sputtering (DMS) is a PVD coating technology used to apply non-conductive coatings. An alternating current (AC) is used between the sputter cathodes, instead of a direct current (DC) between sputter cathode and wall. Thus it achieves a self-cleaning effect of the targets. Dual magnetron sputtering is used for deposition of e.g. oxide coating at high speed

? Circular arc coating technology(CARC) is best with Fast deposition speed ,Smooth coatings , Reliable technology

? Due to rotating thermo couples near the tools, accurate control of the process temperature will be guaranteed.

--Easy Maintaince

the chamber shields are easy to exchange, there is good access for target replacemen

--Free to get all the standard Sinoarc Coating Process




Technical Specifications
Effective coating Volume Customized
Load mass Customized
Door 1 Door
Arc Cathode Rectangle / circular / hybride
Technologies magnetron sputter(HIPIMS,UBM,DMS,CFMS)Cathodic Arc,Hybride
Turbo Pump Up to 3 Turbo pump