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Surface Tratement Inovation



The traditional surface treatment style includes electroplating and etc. has disadvantages such as poor adhesive and pollution. Still, the new technique--PVD(physical vapor deposition) overcomes all those shortcomings. It can make high quality coating such as TiN, TiNC, TiC, ZrN, TiAlN, CrN and many others process. These coatings have both good decorative and mechanical features that are being applied in both industry-used and daily-used products.

pvd process PVD includes cathodic arc deposition,evaporative deposition,magnetron sputtering and others techniques. The cathodic arc deposition applied by Sinoarc is a solution of commercial priority.The coating process of arc evaporation is that the target(coating material), titanium target for example, is evaporated by electric arc and turned into plasma in vacuum chamber. Then the plasma is accelerated by electric field and reacts with reactive gas ,N2 for example. Then, the compound ( TiN etc.) deposits on the substrates and makes a thin film. Change target or reactive gas as different films can be made to meet customer's needs.TiN for color of golden, TiC for gun black, ZrN for brass and TiCN for rose gold and etc.

Comparing with others vacuum coating methods, arc deposition has a very high ionization rate which results in high quality coating.It is also a very versatile method which can make many kinds of films and easy to adjust coating data in process. The arc evaporator can be placed in either horizontal or vertical way, so large coating systems can be easily made by adding more evaporators. As coating work cycle is short and coating system will be very large, arc evaporation technique is the most efficient vacuum coating method that becomes the first choice of industry production.

The key technology in manufactory of arc coating systems are on vacuum, electric power(especially bias power), electric control, evaporator and coating art. As a coating system producer, the main advantages of Sinoarc are power and control part, along with evaporator and coating art. Our systems for tools coating are able to compare with products of any other system producers. The high-qualified film we offer for bathroom hardwares is standing at the leading place in the field.

Fields of application:

Tools coating: :

Cutting tools made of high speed steel or carbide alloy will have a better cutting performance and longer life after coating. Mould's life can also be promotted after coating.

Decorative coating::

Architecture: Bathroom hardware(faucet),locks, door handles, furniture

Watch Industry: watch cases, watch bands,watch hands

Other Hardwares: hardwares for leather, spectacle frames, stainless steel

Large Workpieces: stainless steel sheet